We offer

We offer sales, implementation, support and staffing services for your company in your target markets using local languages.
Our team is made of experienced professionals with the serialization, clinical trials, safety (PV) and late phase background.
We are currently present in multiple EU countries, China and Japan.

We invite you to contact us, if you are interested in either expanding or need professional support for conducting your business in these locations.


TRACELINK cloud-based, network platform enabling serialization and track and trace across the enterprise. Global Track and Trace offers a standardized approach for generating, exchanging, and managing serialization and event data to meet global compliance requirements. The architecture is built on technologies that are scalable on demand, while operational workflows enable serialization to be layered “on top of” operational business processes. Pre-built business logic and configurable workflows route data to the appropriate compliance module based on event type and target market, eliminating the need for complex customizations.